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5 Ways to Sleep Better with Your Significant Other

5 Ways to Sleep Better with Your Significant Other

Relationships are all about compromise, and there is no reason it shouldn’t continue when it’s time for sleep. Making adjustments for your partner’s sleeping style may not always be easy, but proper shut-eye for the two of you will help keep nighttime issues from negatively impacting your relationship. Try these sleep tips suggested by sleep specialist and clinical psychologist Dr. Michael Breus in an article we found on The Huffington Post:

1. Build a pillow fort: Sleeping with a partner who snores can quickly wake you from dreamland. Dr. Breus suggests you try to reduce the noise around your ears with a “wall of pillows,” as the sound will bounce back in the opposite direction. Snoring is often caused by congestion, sleeping on your back, and alcohol consumption, but if your partner has sleep apnea, they should see a licensed physician as soon as possible.

2. Cuddle early: Maybe one of you is all about snuggling while the other one appreciates nighttime space, which in no way means your relationship is doomed. Agree to cuddle until the snuggler falls asleep, allowing the other person to slide over to their side of the bed for quality shut-eye.

3. Use separate blankets: Blanket hogging is a big deal amongst couples at night, and waking up freezing cold is never fun. Use two separate covers to allow both of you to maintain your ideal sleep temperatures throughout the night.

4. Make accommodations for bedtimes: We all have individual sleep needs and daily schedules, causing us to need to get to bed at different bedtimes. Be considerate if one partner has an earlier bedtime by being quiet, using headphones, and keeping the bedroom dark. On the other hand, in the mornings, the early riser should do the same to help their partner who sleeps to a later hour.

5. Compromise on temperature: While studies show that people sleep better at cooler temperatures, exactly how cold that is, is a personal preference. Choose a temperature that’s in middle, try adding an extra blanket or add in a fan, to adjust to each other’s preferences as much as possible.

These tips could be exactly what you need to wake up happy after high-quality sleep with your significant other. Studies show that proper sleep helps us lead healthier, happier lives full of high productivity!

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