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6 Signs Your Exhaustion is Due to Poor Sleep

6 Signs Your Exhaustion is Due to Poor Sleep

Constantly yawning with bags under your eyes are pretty obvious signs that you need more sleep. Exhaustion can lead to some serious consequences as it increases your state of sleep deprivation.

Heart disease, weight gain, viral infections, diabetes, car accidents, impulsiveness, dementia, poor grades, poor work performance and even an earlier death have all been linked to not getting enough sleep.

Consider these 6 signs of exhaustion that the Daily Burn advises we all pay attention to for a better quality of life:

1. Your dry, cracked lips: If you also feel tired along with having dry lips, it could mean that you need more snooze and water to get your body back on track. As dehydration increases, so does your level of exhaustion.

2. Your mind is spacing: There is plenty of research to support the importance of proper sleep for optimal brain health and functioning. During a full night’s sleep chemical imbalances are corrected, knowledge and memories are organized, the removal of toxins and the process of preparing you for a new day. If you missed sleep last night, your brain power is definitely low and you’ll be making lots of mistakes all day long.

3. Your workouts are weak: Getting pumped at the gym is hard to do when you are exhausted. Not only will your body perform less physically, your mental focus to challenge yourself is limited.

4. You are stressing out: Regularly battling stress can trigger an epic battle with insomnia. In fact, one study found that dealing with stress by ignoring it, dwelling on issues or distracting yourself increases chronic insomnia symptoms. Sleep experts recommend gratitude journals to write down positive thoughts and learning mindfulness to beat stress for better sleep.

5. You are a snack junkie: The more exhausted you get, the more high-carb, high-fat foods you’ll crave, leading to more trips to the vending machine and fast food places. Candy bars, sodas, and bagels are considered to be high glycemic foods, which spike your sugar and insulin levels promoting your cravings and sleep deprivation.

6. You are sleeping badly at least once a week: All it takes is one night of poor, disrupted sleep to have a bad day, with poor attention span, irritable mood swings, low energy, and forgetfulness.

The good news is that getting more quality sleep can dramatically boost the quality of your life, easing other health conditions, clearing your mind, brightening your days as it helps you become the best you, that we know you can be! Get starting by sleeping well tonight!

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