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6 Things to Add to Your Checklist for Better Sleep

6 Things to Add to Your Checklist for Better Sleep

On your journey to obtain the best sleep ever, you’ll find plenty of recommendations on what to add to your daily regimen. While the advice is a great place to start, sleep is a personal experience that is unique to each individual. Take note of how you are sleeping each night to make adjustments along the way by using a sleep journal. The Huffington Post is able to get you started with their list of sleep necessities that are back by scientific evidence below:

A Warm Bath: Take advantage of the natural dip of body temperature that occurs about 2 hours before your time. Enjoy a warm soak in the tub for a more dramatic cool down to lull you to sleep. One 1985 study for that those who follow this tip, fall asleep more quickly with a better sleep quality.

Ear plugs: The sound of traffic, neighbors, planes, or your dog dreaming of running can easily diminish your sleep quality without you realizing it. Ideally, bedrooms should be dark, cool and quiet, leading to disruption-free shut-eye.

White noise: Not only is a sound machine soothing, it blocks out unwanted noise, including your partner’s annoying snoring. Regardless of you choosing white noise or silence, as long it’s consistent silence or noise, you’ll see an improvement in your snooze.

Good pillows: Although it’s often overlooked, your pillow is there to help provide support as you sleep. Choose your pillow (or pillows) based on your personal preference, sleep style and comfort needs.

An eye mask: Researchers have confirmed many times over that light and sleep, just simply don’t mix. Even a light on in the hallway or the bright numbers on your alarm clock can trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime, keeping you alert.

Sheet and Blankets: Some people enjoy sleeping without a top sheet, while others feel extremely exposed without a comforter. It comes down too personal preference once again but, keep in mind if your body is too hot or too cold, the sleep quality of your sleep will be impacted.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed when implementing better habits for high-quality sleep. Add a new tip to your regimen each week and it if you think you need more sleep overall, make your bedtime 15 minutes earlier each night until you feel refreshed. For more on sleep hygiene, click here!

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