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9 Battle Tactics for High-Quality Snooze

9 Battle Tactics for High-Quality Snooze

Conquering the battle of sleep can be a lot harder than it sounds. However, as with any battle, the more prepared you are, the better chance of your success. Try these sleep tips recommended by Glamour Magazine to set yourself up for a win tonight with 7-9 hours of high-quality shut-eye:

1. Turn on the lights as soon as you wake up: It tempting to lazy around in the dark for awhile, but exposing yourself to light at the right time can make for deeper sleep. While sunlight works best, light also helps keep your circadian rhythm on track and your sleep hormone melatonin in production at night.

2. Don’t skip those morning work outs: According to researchers at Appalachian State University, a quick paced 30 minute walk may help you sleep longer as you obtain a high-quality of snooze.

3. Keep the blinds open at work: Light exposure during the day is no joke! Adults who worked in a building with filled with sunlight slept 47 minutes longer than employees that worked in windowless offices in a Northwestern University study.

4. Eat more salmon: Recognized as the best source of omega-3s, a University of Oxford study found that eating those healthy fats regularly were found to boost the effects of melatonin, helping participants feel drowsy at bedtime after 6-8 weeks.

5. Watch your fat intake at dinner: While fats aid in sleep, your body has to work to process high-fat foods such as nachos, pizza, tacos and a long list of fried favorites. If you need a bedtime snack, check out our list of sleep approved options.

6. Set up a last call for electronics: Get away from electronics at least 90 minutes before your bedtime. Yes, this includes your computer, TV, smartphone, e-reader and tablet. Blue light exposure before you snooze signals to your body that it’s daytime, leading to a later bedtime and poor quality shut-eye.

7. Write down those plaguing thoughts: A peaceful mind encourages peaceful sleep. Jot down all of the day’s stresses, worries, and anything that is taking over your thoughts and then stick it in a drawer, leaving it for the next day.

8. Stay consistent with your bedtime: Your body craves routine! Stick to a regular bedtime to help your body stay in-sync with it’s natural rhythm, including the weekends.

9. Go to bed, seriously: Make sleep a priority every night. It’s harder than it sounds, but mentally preparing yourself can increase your chances of turning off Netflix and tucking in at your set bedtime.

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