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Back Pain? Tempur-Pedic Continues to Support Quality Sleep

Is back pain keeping you awake at night? Or does your partner’s tossing and turning keep you up? As Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale likes to say, “Feed opportunities, starve problems.”

In fact, if you visit Gallery Furniture’s I-45 location, you’ll see that saying posted in view of McIngvale’s desk, near the front of the store. How does this philosophy help Gallery Furniture’s success?

“We help our customers, first and foremost, by only selling the highest quality furniture,” McIngvale says. “Before we begin carrying any new line, we look at its quality. We’re very selective, because our customers place so much trust in us. Today, one of our most popular brands is the Tempur-Pedic mattress. And there are a lot of reasons for its popularity.”

Three Factors to Help You Quickly Fall Asleep, and Sleep Well All Night

If you’re not getting a great night’s sleep every night, look at your sleep conditions.

Your ability to fall asleep within minutes of your head hitting the pillow is linked to three main comfort factors:

  • #1 – POSITION: Either sleep in a position that reduces pressure points on your body OR ensure your mattress conforms to the unique shape and position of your body.
  • #2 – TEMPERATURE: Either set the room to an ideal sleep temperature OR ensure your mattress regulates the temperature of your body automatically.
  • #3 – SUPPORT: Either go to sleep when your sleep partner does OR en-sure your mattress reduces motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

Today, there are few mattresses on the market that achieve all of these conditions, and also guarantees that you’ll enjoy these sleep benefits for years to come.

How Tempur-Pedic Conquered the Mattress Market

Ten years ago, Tempur-Pedic was a $60 million a year company. This year, over $1.2 billion worth of Tempur-Pedic mattresses will be sold. Its rapid growth has been impressive, yet it is not hard to understand, once you grasp the unique quality of the mattresses they produce.

Only Tempur-Pedic mattresses:

— Provide the optimal support and density needed to virtually eliminate motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other, so that you will not be disturbed by your sleep partner’s movements throughout the night.
— Are made in three distinct foam densities, so that you can select the density best for your body type and sleep habits
— Have the Outlast gel-infused top layer, so your body’s surface temperature is regulated throughout the night. This ensures the mattress feels just right, and does not become too hot or too cold.

These mattresses were designed from the beginning to ensure more productive sleep, so you can make the most of your sleeping hours Sleep on a Tempur-Pedic and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, healthier, and ready to tackle the challenges of your day.

The Real Reason Why People Choose Tempur Material

The real secret of  lies in the proprietary formula used to create the Tempur material. The formula was discovered by a Swedish scientist, and later bought by the American founder of Tempur-Pedic.

The Tempur material is uniquely formulated to remain firm at room temperature. It begins to change shape most responsively only when exposed to the external body temperature of a sleeping person, which makes the Tempur material distinct from any other memory foam product on the market.

This unique Tempur quality means you’ll enjoy the best conforming to your body and sleep position that you’ve ever experienced. Because of the characteristics of the  Tempur material, it is also more durable and resilient than other memory foams.

Tempur-Pedic can guarantee its mattresses will not sink or sag in the middle, unlike many other memory-foam mattresses, which is also why Tempur-Pedic backs its guarantee with a full replacement ten-year warranty.

Tempur-Pedic’s “Not-so-Secret” Weapon in Houston

“No single store location sells more Tempur-Pedic in the country than Gallery Furniture’s I-45 location,” says Rick Anderson, President of Tempur-Pedic North America. “You pay the same price for Tempur-Pedic no matter where you go.”

“So you buy based on the knowledge of the store’s staff,” Anderson further explains. “And you buy based on how satisfied past customers of that store have been.

“One of the reasons for Gallery’s success is that, when you buy at Gallery, you can sleep on it tonight. Mack’s built his brand around same-day delivery. Because of that, Tempur-Pedic delivers new merchandise to Gallery Furniture every single day of the week.”

Tempur-Pedic + Gallery Furniture = Smarter Consumer

“Mack’s done a wonderful job educating Houstonians about the unique benefits of the Tempur-Pedic brand,” says Bill Hammond, one of Temper-pedic’s Key Account Managers. “Today, when people think ‘Tempur-Pedic,’ they think ‘Gallery Furniture’ in the Houston market. And that’s all Mack. He created that success from scratch.”

“It’s a real pleasure to work with Gallery Furniture because both the owner, and the experts on the floor, like Brandon Jackson, truly believe in the product. Brandon is among the top Tempur-Pedic experts in the country, and he’s looked upon very highly at Tempur-Pedic corporate for the product expertise he’s developed over the years.

“When we launch new products, or when Mack and Brandon visit Tempur-pedic headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, we value their opinion equal or above all others.”

Gallery Furniture’s Own Nationally-Renowned Tempur-Pedic Expert

Every year Tempur-Pedic holds a national sales convention for top salespeople and retailers from around the country. Brandon Jackson is the only retail product expert to be invited to speak at the national convention on three separate occasions.

“The first time Mack brought me with him to talk about Gallery’s success with the Tempur-pedic brand,” Jackson says.

The second and third time, they called and requested Jackson to speak.

“The convention is around 500 people. It’s held in Las Vegas. And they wanted to know how we got started, and how we became so successful with Tempur-Pedic.

“It meant a lot to me, professionally, that I was asked to speak. To be recognized in your field like that is very special,” Jackson says.

Over the years, Jackson has worked with Tempur-pedic to develop its business in other ways as well. He’s been on countless conference calls, sharing the benefits of Tempur-pedic with prospective retailers around the country.

“Every time I’ve helped Tempur-pedic, it’s made me more knowledgeable, and better at serving our great customers here in Houston,” Jackson says.

Helping Customers Select the Right Tempur-pedic for Over 11 Years

Jackson continues: “Tempur-Pedic has gained such a reputation over the years that, a lot of times, people come to Gallery Furniture already wanting to buy a Tempur-pedic.

“Believe it or not, my job at that point is to slow the process down, lay all their options on the table, and help them select the best mattress for their specific body type and sleep habits.

“I’ve heard countless stories from people who’ve come in. They lay on a mattress at another store.  They love the way it feels.  They buy the mattress, get it home, and sleep on it, and their back still hurts.

“My job is to help people avoid that situation. There’s a lot to figure out, and over the years I’ve developed my own process, and trained others as well, to help people find the best Tempur-pedic for their needs.”

“Buying any high quality mattress is a commitment for the next 8 to 10 years. That’s the way I think about it, and that’s the way I encourage my customers to think about it. It’s a major purchase, yet I see people all the time who aren’t satisfied with their current mattress, and who want to make a change.

“My #1 job is to help people avoid making a many-thousand dollar mistake.  My #2 job is to help them select the model that will genuinely improve their quality of life.”

What Others are Saying About Tempur-pedic + Gallery Furniture

“First time customer at GF and our experience was fantastic! We furnished our entire bedroom –  bed, nightstands, recliner, big chair and ottoman, dresser, end table, lamp, TV, and Tempur-Pedic mattress. We loved the selection, and love the way our room turned out! Our salesman listened to what we liked and didn’t like, and only showed us things that fit our criteria. He didn’t try to ‘push’ anything on us. All of our furniture was delivered less than 3 hours from when we left the store…and the delivery guys were amazing! There was one piece of our table missing (from inside the box), but the delivery team called the store, got it sent our way, and we had it within an hour. Thanks for such a great experience, and I can’t wait to go back to spend my 20% accessory money!!!”

– Kelley H.
Houston, TX
(5 star review)

“Hi Mack, we absolutely love our Tempur-Pedic bed. We got it a week before my husband’s back surgery. The timing was great. It made his recovery much easier. Your selection is huge and made it easier to make our selection. We also bought recliner sofa, love seat and chair. We love them all. Thanks for all your help. We have bought many things over the past years and will always be a customer there.”

– Shelley G.
Houston, TX
(5 star review)

“Just bought a new Tempur-Pedic and a table & chairs. Could not have asked for better service from the delivery guys… Super friendly! Excellent work ethic.”

– Janie A.
Houston, TX
(5 star review)

As “Mattress Mack” likes to say…

“You Can Only Be As Good As Your Last Night’s Sleep!”

To discover the Tempur-Pedic that’s right for you, call our bedding expert Brandon Jackson or Brandt Maples at 281-407-4628.

Be sure to ask to receive Gallery Furniture’s exclusive “Sleep Better” Guide, which includes advice from America’s top sleep experts. Also, ask about the 17-point sleep audit that comes – free! – with the same-day delivery of every Tempur-pedic we sell.

You owe it to yourself to act now. If operators are busy, please try again.

Don’t delay! Call Brandon or Brandt at 281-407-4628.

We’ll help you find the Tempur-Pedic that’s right for you.   Call 281-407-4628 to schedule an appointment with Brandon Jackson and experience Gallery Furniture’s “no-hype, no pressure” approach to consumer education.




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