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Brief Technique May Provide Relief For Stress and Sleep

woman relax technique

A new study focused on a technique known as the 10 minutes Tension Tamer to try and determine if it actually helped provide relief for stress and improve sleep quality. The researchers found that the simple technique improved sleep quality in 65% of the participants of the study.

The technique involves deep breathing and pleasant imagery of the subject’s choice. People who saw an improvement with the technique reported better sleep quality and decreased fatigue.
334 patients in a heart health program were given a 30 minute introductory course to the technique and provided guided instruction with personal visits from a stress management specialist.  The technique, encouraged at bedtime, improved the perceived stress of 65% of the participants by 6.6 points.

This technique is a more natural alternative to taking a sleeping medicine or relaxant to wind down in the evening.  Similar techniques may be used long term with no side effect, as opposed to medicines which can cause dependencies with prolonged usage.

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