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Emotional Support Provides Relief for Children with Sleep Disorders

Parents try everything to get their kids to sleep, but new research shows that the most effective way might actually entail being emotionally available.

The research examined mothers’ behavior toward their children during bedtime, and found that the children slept best when the parents responded correctly to their children’s emotional cues. They did not find a correlation between sleep disruption and contact between parents and children, a belief that is commonly held.

Emotions are the simplest form of communication, and between parent and child it comes natural. However, parents need to pay attention to cues and respond appropriately.

Sleep provides both a time for recuperation and restoration, but it is also necessary for many of the bodies natural functions. A child still has a circadian rhythm, and a bedtime sometimes cannot be forced.

This research shows that there is a link between sleep quality and emotional compatibility between parents and children. It suggests the importance of listening to your children, and responding appropriately – even when you’re tired yourself.

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