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Sleep Habits of Presidents

As the President of the United States, there are many obstacles in the way of achieving reasonable health. In an online slide show, the Huffington Post breaks down the known sleep habits of a few past Presidents.

Being President of US is the most stressful job in America. William Howard Taft suffered from sleep apnea and was known to fall asleep in inopportune places. Bill Clinton sleeps only 5-6 hours per night and is a part of only 1-3% of the population known as “short sleepers”. George W. Bush found value in naps which allowed him to stay up later, and his father George H.W. Bush was very frank with the press about his usage and eventual quitting of sleeping pills to fight jet lag while on trips overseas.

It is rather amazing that anyone who holds presidential office can turn it off long enough to rest or sleep at all with all the challenges of today’s world.

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