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Get Inspired! Put an End to Your Sleep Deprivation Tonight!

Get Inspired! Put an End to Your Sleep Deprivation Tonight!

The importance of sleep has been growing over the past few years as researchers find more ways quality shut-eye and sleep deprivation impacts our lives. Still, more than half of adults in our nation aren’t getting enough snooze to reap the benefits and protect their health.

If you haven’t been inspired to take your sleep more seriously, check out this list shared by The Huffington Post of some of the ways skipping sleep impacts your life:

How you look: Thanks to a lack of sleep, you’ll appear less attractive and approachable due to your red eyes, pale skin, and dark, puffy under-eye circles. Wrinkles and signs of aging are sped up as your body can’t properly repair your skin.

Your pant’s size: Sleep deprivation increases your appetite for unhealthy foods that can very quickly cause unwanted weight gain. Your willpower to eat healthy and exercise also diminishes along with your metabolism, making it easier for you pack on pounds and harder to lose them

How you feel: Have your emotions been all over the place lately? Sleepy people are more likely to anger at small situations and snap at others, as it’s easier to misinterpret a situation and harder to have a sense of humor. The risk of depression also increases when you miss sleep.

Your health: The risks that come along with insufficient sleep include heart disease, a weakened immune system, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, diabetes, stroke and even an earlier death.

How you think: Problem solving skills, creativity, and memory all take a hit without quality sleep, affecting your career, favorite hobby and ability to learn new information.

Who you love: Your relationships can suffer when you are exhausted as you feel less satisfied with your partner and are more likely to argue. Research also shows that bad sleep habits rub off on children who stay up late with their parents, increasing their risk for insomnia and obesity.

It’s not too late to start sleeping better this year!  Commit to boosting your quality of life with 7-9 hours of shut-eye each night to help make you healthier, happier and wealthier!

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