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What Are Healthy People Doing Before Bed?

What Are Healthy People Doing Before Bed?

Do you know someone who always seems to have endless amounts of energy and be in a great mood? Chances are they are living a healthy life that ties into also helping them sleep better. So what’s their secret? The Huffington Post has revealed what healthy people do before climbing into the bed:

They Snack Smarter: If you need a bedtime snack, make sure that it’s one your body can use to boost your sleep.  Kiwis specifically have been proven to help adults fall asleep 35% faster and increase sleep duration 13% thanks to rich amounts of serotonin and antioxidant vitamins E and C.

They Skip the Feather Pillow: While comfort is different for everyone, feather pillows are a common mistake. Feather pillows were the type most consistently used by those who reported poor sleep during a study of more than 100 people.

They Stretch Out: Pain can easily make it hard to go to bed and experience insomnia. Stretch your hamstrings and calves every night during your bedtime routine to prevent leg cramps sneaking up on you.

They Take This Med: If you doctor has you on a regimen of low-dose aspirin to lower your risk of heart attack or stroke, take your medicine at night. Most heart attacks happen during morning hours due to higher platelet activity.

They Opt for “Pink” Noise: White noise is great for sleep, but pink noise is better. White noise features ambient sounds over a range of different frequencies, while pink noise features sounds at a  lower, steady frequency.

They Go Running: According to research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation in 2013, it doesn’t matter what time you exercise, staying consistent will help you sleep better.

They are Grateful: Try keeping a gratitude journal to write down what you appreciated about the day each night before bed. One study in 2009 found that people who reported higher levels of gratitude were more likely to report less sleeping problems.

While these tips will help increase your sleep quality, don’t forget about your duration. Sleep 7-9 hours each night as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation to be the best you that you can be!

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