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How Much Sleep You Should Be Getting

At this point I’m pretty sure you have figured out that “willing” yourself awake doesn’t work no matter how hard you try. When you go without sleep, you are setting yourself up for a long day of low energy as you make more mistakes, misplace items, eat more, can’t concentrate, look less attractive and that irritable mood of yours isn’t going to welcome any new friends, let alone nurture your current friendships.

On the health side of things, a lack of sleep is the perfect way to open yourself up to numerous health risks, including heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, obesity, cancer and an early death.  Who really wants to spend their vacation money on expensive doctor bills? Definitely not us! Chronic sleep loss also finds other sneaky ways to grab money of out your wallet in the form of energy drinks, coffee, sugary foods, impulse buys and risky financial decisions.

It’s important to establish healthy sleep habits throughout household, especially if you have children, as they’ll carry those habits with them as they age.  Set a sleep routine and stick to it, making sure that electronics are put away an hour before bed and everyone has relaxing activities before tucking in.

So how much sleep does everyone need to be happy, healthy and productive while saving money? The National Sleep Foundation suggests that you take a look at the info-graphic below to understand how much sleep you need, how it works for you throughout the day and how to improve it. Keep track of your sleep this upcoming week and see where you need to make changes.



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