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How to Overcome Insomnia During Pregnancy

How to Overcome Insomnia During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of joy for women, but it can bring along sleep issues. Expecting insomnia when you are expecting is the best way to prepare for it! All of the emotional and physiological changes can easily keep pregnant women awake at night, and lead to daytime sleepiness. Morning sickness, back pain, frequent trips to the bathroom and heartburn are all common problems reported during pregnancy.

Consider these tips suggested by Everyday Health to achieve better rest during your pregnancy:

Experiment with different sleep positions: Your old favorite position may no longer do the trick. Try investing in a pregnancy pillow, it’ll give you the support you need when you’re experiences aches.

Embrace an exercise routine: Talk to your doctor about what you can handle and get moving in the mornings.

Learn relaxation exercises: Try mediation or imagery techniques to clear your mind and release tension.

Don’t stay in bed when you can’t sleep: Leave the bedroom and do a soothing activity such as reading or listening to music until you get sleepy.

Don’t drink liquids after 6pm: Frequent trips are an annoyance when you are trying to sleep. Especially avoid caffeine or cut it off after 2pm.

Practice good sleep hygiene: Keep your room dark, cool, and quiet, using the bed for sleep and time with your partner only.

Share your insomnia experiences with others: You may be able to learn from their insomnia woes. If you still can’t sleep, speak with a licensed physician.

Overall, just try to relax and enjoy preparing for your new bundle of joy. Ease your worries by taking a childbirth class or reading a book about what to expect. We wish you congratulations and great blessings on your journey!

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