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Insomnia May Bring on Significant Health Risks

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According to a study, people who suffer from insomnia may be far more likely to have a stroke than previous studies have shown. The Huffington Post reports that researchers in Taiwan have found that the risk of experiencing a stroke for adults between the ages of 18-34 is eight times higher when they have insomnia, compared to those without the sleep disorder.

Researchers analyzed the health records of more than 21,000 people with insomnia, and 64,000 people without insomnia in Taiwan for more than four years. People with insomnia were divided into groups based severity:

  • Chronic/persistent insomnia: Trouble falling asleep or maintain sleep for 1-6 months
  • Relapse insomnia: Being insomnia-free for more than 6 months during the study, but having it return during the study period as well.
  • Remission: Going from having insomnia to not having it at anytime during the study.

The researchers found that insomnia could be linked with a 54% increased risk of experiencing a stroke over the 4-year study. Not surprisingly, the stroke risk was higher for people with chronic insomnia, compared to those who relapsed or remained in remission.

While the study did not show causal results, insomnia is known to affect inflammation as well as blood pressure and glucose tolerance, which all play a role in stroke risk.

The results indicate the importance of treating young adults for insomnia, producing a higher quality of life for them in the future. Getting your sleep issues treated should be a top priority. We want to see you healthy, happy and reaching every goal you set your mind to, all with the big boost of sleep!

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