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How Late Does America Stay Up to Ring in the New Year?

Source: Jawbone

Source: Jawbone

Happy New Year from Gallery Furniture’s Sleep Center! How much sleep did you collect last night? If you went to bed way earlier than you intended, don’t feel bad because chances are you weren’t alone!

As a great way to kick off 2015, Jawbone took a look at how our celebrations affected our sleep last year using data from hundreds of thousands of UP by Jawbone wearers who track their snooze using the band, then shared their findings on an interactive map.

Source: Jawbone

Source: Jawbone

America came in at no. 50 on their list of latest cities in the world, with 72% of our population awake at midnight and an average bedtime of 12:55 am. Compared to Moscow, Russia topping the list with an average bedtime of 3:43 am, we’d Sleepy USA didn’t wasn’t too thrilled about the holiday. Nearly 30% of Americans were asleep by midnight.

Source: Jawbone

Source: Jawbone

The earliest cities to tuck in last year were Phoenix, Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles, with bedtimes before 1am.

We hope this year brings you more high-quality sleep to increase your health, happiness, and productivity! Stick with us as we continue to share sleep tips, resources and research to encourage you to stack up on the benefits of shut-eye!

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