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New Apps Hope to Improve Sleep Wellness

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Since technology has gotten small and fast enough to carry around with us, there have been various attempts at fitness based devices to help athletes perform better. Now there may be an app that can help you sleep better, too.

Lark is a new company offering applications for the iPhone with an accompanying wristband intended to improve the quality of your sleep and well-being.  The device and application track your bodies movement and activity to give you detailed results on the quality and length of your sleep.

The devices were originally developed as a sort of silent, vibrating wrist alarm for working couples on different schedules.  The company has since expanded and now offers an application and wristband to wear during the day as well, offering results on your caloric intake, energy use, and more.

The company claims that over 70% of insomniacs who used the wristband and app saw a noticeable improvement in their sleep habits in just one month.

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