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Reasons Your Full Night Of Sleep Isn’t Bring You Morning Joy

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It is important to wake up feeling refreshed, as it sets the precedent for your day. The quality of your sleep is just as important as getting the 7-9 hours of sleep recommended by the National Sleep Foundation. If you are consistently getting the proper amount of sleep and still find yourself waking up groggy every morning, these reasons may be the culprit:

You woke up during the wrong sleep phase: Our sleep goes through phases every night, with the non-REM stage being a very deep sleep stage. If you wake up during it, you will feel drowsy and un-refreshed. Aim to wake up during a REM phase instead by adjusting your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier or later, depending on how much sleep is needed.

Your overall poor quality of sleep: Even if you are sleeping 7-9 hours a night, if it’s being interrupted by a disturbance such snoring, a pet, caffeine or an evening night cap, you may wake up tired.

Your medication hangover: Some medications may cause drowsiness that will still remain in your system when you wake up. Consult with your physician about your dosage, what time you take the medication and if you may change it.

Your medical condition: Medical conditions such as sleep apnea or rheumatoid arthritis can huge disruptions as you try to rest. Disorders such as depression may lead you feel as though you have no energy.

Your body clock is off track: If you are not keeping a consistent sleep-wake schedule every day, including weekends, you body is trying to account for the changes upon waking up. By sticking to a regular bedtime and wake up that allows you to get enough sleep, your begin to be feel better about mornings.

Try setting a bedtime alarm to ensure that you are in bed on time tonight. Practice health sleep habits such as staying away from stressful situations in the evenings, taking a warm bath, shutting down electronics an hour before bedtime, keeping your room cool & putting yourself in full relaxation mode before climbing into bed. If certain medical factors are out of your control, check with your physician on how you can get better rest.

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