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Study Finds that Education Influences Dreams

Study Finds That Education Influences Dreams

The findings on the topic of dreams are always fascinating. According to a new study, your level of education may have the ability to affect what you dream about.

Research firm YouGov and the dream education group DreamsCloud teamed up and found that people who have more degrees are more likely to have dreams about coworkers and work based on a survey of more than 1,150 adults in the U.S.

49% of people with post-graduate degrees reported dreaming about their coworkers, compared to 33% of the general population. As people with post-graduate degrees are more likely to be content with their chosen career, status and salary, they are also less likely to dream of getting a promotion or getting a raise. However, 38% of people with a post-graduate degree dream about deadlines, while only 16% of people who only graduated high school with deadlines on their mind at night.

Dreams are proving themselves to be unique to each individual’s lifestyle, stresses, health and emotions. To keep better track of your dreams, remember to write them down as soon as you wake up. Find out more about what influences your dreams here!

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