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The History Of The Mattress


The Better Sleep Council has released a new time-line showing a brief history of the mattress from long ago to modern day.

10,000 years ago people began sleeping on primitive beds, and it wasn’t until the Egyptian pharaohs that humans discovered the benefits of sleeping elevated off of the earth. During the Roman Empire the world was introduced to the first luxury bed, which was decorated in ornaments and had mattresses stuffed full of wool and other comparable materials. In the Renaissance period, mattresses were covered with velvets, silks, and richly decorative shuttle-woven fabrics. The late 1700’s saw the advent of cast-iron bed frames with cotton mattresses, and in 1865 the first coil spring for mattresses was patented. The 1930’s-60’s brought us not only the spring mattresses and upholstered foundations, but also the futon, foam rubber mattresses, and the modern waterbed; which first had an early ancestor version in the late Roman Times. The 1980’s brought us air-beds and during the 1990’s spacious sleeping controlled the market with the queen-size becoming the most popular choice of mattress size. Modern beds in the 2000’s are all about choice and individual comfort. These days we have an almost unlimited range of innerspring as well as alternative mattress designs.

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