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Update Your Bedroom Design for Better Sleep

Design a Bedroom For Sleep

Use design to sleep better at night! For most people, getting better sleep is (or should be!) a priority. You’ve probably heard there are ideal bedroom settings that can help you achieve this goal. Some of the most common tips are keeping your bedroom dark, quiet, and cool, between 60-70 degrees F. Even with these changes, some people may still have trouble falling or staying asleep. Below, we’ve mapped out four changes you can make to create an ideal bedroom for restful sleep.

Choose colors wisely

If you’ve ever walked into a brightly painted room versus a space coated in neutral colors, you know how the choice of hue can impact the atmosphere of a room. Earthy tones tend to be the most comforting, with browns, greens, and blues ranking high on the list. If you’re not ready to completely overhaul your space yet, a new set of sheets or a comforter in calming colors is a good place to start.

Clear clutter

A cluttered bedroom is a cluttered mind. When you have unsorted piles of papers, dirty laundry, and belongings that need to be put away in your space, it can make it tough to get a restful night of sleep. Even if you don’t have time to do a deep clean of your room, find new spots for a few things each night to ease your mind. Once your space is cleaned, you can add some calming accessories, such as a few cherished family photos or keepsakes.

Minimize distractions

Your bedroom is a space for rest, not work — so anything that is not conducive to good sleep must go. This includes exercise equipment, electronics, and pets. To maximize the serenity of your bedroom, it’s best to keep these out of reach completely. Make sure to have a drawer or space in your closet where you can electronics like phones and tablets out of sight! To limit nighttime distractions, pets should never share your bed with you. When it comes to your furry little friends, be sure they have their own comfortable place to sleep.

Add calming scents

Lavender, vanilla, and chamomile are some of the most common scents associated with peace and quiet. And there’s a good reason why. These scents have been scientifically proven to help calm nerves and promote a relaxed state. Try adding these to your nightly routine with scented lotion, pillow mist, or diffusing essential oils.

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Sleep better than ever with a smartly designed bedroom!

Give one or more of these tips a try tonight, and let us know if you wake up feeling more refreshed.

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