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What Your Sleep Pattern Says About Your Love Life

What Your Sleep Pattern Says About Your Love Life

Are you single or in a relationship? A new study from researchers at the University of Chicago is suggesting that your sleep patterns reveal a lot about your love life.

Based on data from more than 500 graduate students, sleep patterns were found to have an effect on the human behavior of both men and women alike. Night owls, people who prefer to stay up late and wake up late, were more likely to experience more intimacy with a partner, compared to people who are early risers, but they were less likely to be in a long-term, committed relationship.

The researchers theorize that short-term mating, as night owls often prefer, can be credit to our evolutionary history. According to study author Dario Maestripieri, “being active in the evening hours increased the opportunities to engage in social and mating activities, when adults were less burdened by work or child-rearing.”

An additional finding was that women who were night owls were found to relate more easily to men in their behavior, compared to women who preferred early morning hours. They were more likely to be single, as well as risk takers. The reason for these interesting facts is that being a night owl increases cortisol levels, which has been linked to cognitive function, stress, and high energy.

Professor Maestripieri hopes that his research will help people understand the reasons behind their every day behaviors.

The link between sleep preferences and behavioral/personality characteristics is one that has been demonstrated by other studies so, including your college major, occupation and social life. What do you think about Maestripieri’s study?

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