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3 Ways to Sleep Better as a Couple

3 Ways To Sleep Better As A Couple

Sometimes it’s not easy sharing a bed with another person after developing your own sleeping style. Bedroom drama can be a huge issue for sleep quality as well as become a issue in your relationship.  So what do experts recommend to keep couples on track with sleep and their partners?

Evaluate your sleep aids: You partner may have a different sleeping style and compromising is a big deal. Investing in a mattress that suits both of you may solve many of those problems regarding temperature, comfort, and space.  Try shopping for a mattress that allows you both to adjust the firmness, or you may need to upgrade to a larger mattress size if your partner is a bad sleeper. Also getting a mattress pad that keeps you cool can solve temperature disputes.

Have a sense of humor: Embrace each other’s differences as some nights your partner may snore or say weird things during sleep. It’s important to keep things light hearted so that you don’t associate your bedroom with conflict, which may cause insomnia or poor sleep quality.

Consider separate bedrooms: It’s definitely okay if there is no comprise for certain differences. Wearing an eye mask to block light or ear plugs to block out sound just may not be comfortable. Separate sleep environments may be something to consider if you both have different schedules or sleep habits that disturb one another. You can both wind down together before going into your bedrooms and not miss a beat. Research has shown that sleeping apart doesn’t hurt relationships, but,= sleep differences can cause relationship problems over time.

Just remember that you both deserve the benefits that sleep provides, so be flexible and respectful about each other’s needs. In addition, be on the lookout for snoring problems and encourage your partner to speak with a licensed physician if you suspect they have sleep apnea or aren’t sleeping well.

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