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4 Skin Problems You Can Remedy With Sleep

4 Skin Problems You Can Avoid With Sleep

Regardless of how important sleep is, many people ignore the consequences to make more time for work, happy hour with friends, or morning exercise. Sleep is critical to skin health and we need it to recover from the sun and other outside elements. Bella Sugar suggests that you take into consideration these major beauty issues that are linked to sleep for more reasons why you need to get your snooze:

Acne: Ensuring that you get at least 8 hours of sleep each night helps keep the stress on your body low. High stress levels include the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which increases your chances of waking up with a zit on the worse possible day.

Wrinkles: The popular saying, “stress ages you,” is true, as cortisol also causes your skin cells to deteriorate at a quicker rate. During the night your skin makes all of its repairs, which means it’s the perfect time to apply anti-aging treatments, and rest on a satin pillow, as you get your optimal amount of sleep to allow the cell-renewal process to keep you youthful. Melatonin, the sleep hormone has also been found to be a natural antioxidant.

Uneven skin tone: A lack of sleep is known to make you look pale and spotty the next day. The reason is that sleep deprivation also deprives your skin of nutrients that it normally gets when you rest, and your heart rate and blood flow even out.

Dark circles: As one of the most common forms of evidence of a lack of sleep, we all can’t stand those dreaded under-eye bags after being up all night. Even being off your sleep schedule for a few hours can cause your blood vessels to dilate, drawing unwanted attention to your face. The best way to avoid dark circles is to place pillows underneath your head, causing you to sleep at angle and thus reduce puffiness.

Save money on foundation, facials and botox by simply getting 7-9 hours of high-quality sleep each night, eating healthy, and staying active. While appearances aren’t everything, your health and the way you feel about yourself are. Stay confident, happy and productive by practicing great sleep habits!

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