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British Airways to Deliver Happiness via Blankets for Sleep

Our childhood blankies are getting a major upgrade thanks to the innovative twist happening at British Airways with their “happiness blanket.” This unique blanket has been exclusively designed to measure a passenger’s satisfaction during a flight.

Business Week tells us that the blanket uses neuro-sensors to analyze levels of stress and relaxation. The blanket itself is embedded with fiber-optic LEDS that will change color based on the brainwave data it receives from the Bluetooth headband worn on the passenger’s head. When the passenger is happy and relaxed, the blanket turns blue, which will most commonly be seen as an indication that the person is asleep. The blanket is set to turn crimson red when the passenger is anxious or stressed.

British Airways Managing Director Frank van der Post stated in a press release, “Using technology like the British Airways ‘happiness blanket’ is another way for us to investigate how our customers’ relaxation and sleep is affected by everything onboard, from the amount of light in the cabin, when they eat, to what in-flight entertainment they watch and their position in the seat.”

British Airways will experiment to make sure that the blanket is perfect as passengers are able to fly longer distances and the importance of quality rest can’t be overlooked. In the future, the color patterns may indicate the passenger of changes with in-flight services such as menu and movies options, as well as keep flight personnel informed on seat positions. Airlines now realize that people will pay for comfort in order to be successful and alert when they exit from their flight.

While the blanket it’s quite ready to available to the public, a group of volunteers got a chance to test it out on a flight from Heathrow to New York onboard a Dreamliner. Take a look at their experience and learn more about the happiness blanket in the YouTube video provided by British Airways. Would you be interested in giving the blanket a try?

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