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5 Tips to Sleep Better During Menopause

5 Tips to Sleep Better During Menopause

Menopause is a natural process in a woman’s life, but it does not solely affect her ovaries. Over 60% of women who experience menopause have a hard time sleeping at some point during their menopausal years, with some noticing disruptions as early as 10 years before menopause begins. Check out these tips from Everyday Health to make your bedtime easier every night:

  1. Keep cool: Make sure to adjust the temperature in your bedroom at night, lowering the heat in the winter and your air conditioning in the summer. Change up your pajamas, opting for underwear or something short, sleeveless and cotton. Then, trade your heavier comforter for a lighter sheet to keep cool.
  2. Watch your liquids: Caffeine, red wine, and warm drinks can trigger hot flashes, so attempt to stay away from these two to four hours before bed, or consider cutting them from your diet all together. Also remember that as you age, your urinary frequency increases so be careful what you drink and when.
  3. Commit to a relaxing bedtime routine: One of the leading factors of insomnia is the fear of not falling asleep. Don’t assume you won’t fall asleep and try not to stress your mind and body about the lack of sleep. Practice yoga, meditation or even read a book to calm your mind.
  4. Consider medication: Birth control in low doses can help stabilize the levels of progesterone to improve sleep. Women who have particularly bad hot flashes should consider trying hormone replacement therapy medications. These should be low dose medications, taken for the shortest amount of time possible as to not have long-term consequences.
  5. See a sleep specialist: If simple changes like these are not successful, seek a sleep expert that will be able determine if the issues are menopause symptoms or a potential sleep disorder.

Your new bedtime routine may not produce instant results, but it’s important to be patient and consistent. Share your sleep woes regarding menopause with others to create a support network to ease your stress on your journey. We believe you can do it!

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