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Sleeping More Means Spending Less!

Sleeping More Means Spending Less!

It’s easy to think that sleep loss doesn’t affect your wallet. However, there’s no doubt about it, sleep deprivation is an expensive behavior. The truth is you are setting yourself up for higher expenses as well as risking your health. We came across a very informative Business Insider article and couldn’t wait to share what we learned. Here’s how skipping sleep is lowering your bank account:

Your need for coffee and energy drinks is expensive: 
Consuming extreme amounts of caffeine places you in danger, especially if you already have high blood pressure. Those health risks aren’t free either; you may possibly end up spending more money than you expected just to get the assistance of a doctor.

Besides, the cost of buying caffeine products add up as well, with a 6-pack of 5 Hour Energy being around $12. Plus, even if you don’t get fancy at Starbucks, a black Venti coffee is about $3, which easily sets you back $15 a week if you need one every day.

Sleep deprivation and retail therapy is a horrible combination:
Sleep-deprived people take more financial risks and make more impulse buys. The chances are you didn’t need that 10th pair of shoes that look almost identical to the rest of your collection. Sleep deprivation is also a red flag for online gambling addiction. The possibility of winning is enough to keep people up for days, spending more and more money. The bottom line is you need sleep make good financial decisions.

Your doctor isn’t that happy to see you: 
High-quality sleep provides health benefits that will keep you from needing expensive medications and treatments. A lack of sleep puts you at risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, mood disorders, heart disease, cancer, and other serious conditions that not only increase your risk of an early death, but decrease your bank account in the mean time.

Sleep keeps your insurance cost down and saves lives: 
Chronic sleep loss increases your chances of being involved in an auto accident. In 2011, it was reported by AAA that auto accidents were adding up to $300 billion annually, including the cost of medical response, injury, property damage, loss of income, auto rate insurance increases, and cost of death. Recent disasters have also been connected to sleep deprivation as well, including The Challenger Explosion and the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Keep in mind that successful, creative people make sleep a priority. They understand the value of sleep and its benefits, which help them be more productive, make better financial decisions, and have a better memory. Plus, many success people have come up with their million dollar ideas while dreaming, the perfect free brainstorming session.

There is just no substitute for Grade A sleep.  It is a free solution to costly productivity, financial, and health issues. Climb into bed for 7-9 hours each night and watch your bank account stack up!

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