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9 Inspirational Strategies to Achieve Peaceful Sleep Tonight!

9 Inspirational Strategies to Achieve Peaceful Sleep Tonight!

No matter how badly you really want to drift off to dreamland, falling and staying asleep can be quite a challenge. Poor sleep can set you up for a stressful day, and your irritable attitude, wavering concentration, absent memory and low energy won’t it make any better.

Get inspired to prepare for quality snooze with these amazing strategies to enter a peaceful sleep zone shared by The Huffington Post:

1. Set a wind down time: Have an alarm go off about an hour or two before your bedtime go off to remind you that it’s time to enter the pre-bedtime relaxation zone. You’ve got to give your body the time it needs to power down before climbing into bed.

2. Shut down those digital devices: Whether it’s a smart phone, TV, tablet or e-reader, any electronic that emits blue light will push your bedtime back as it tricks your brain into thinking it is daytime and slows the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

3. Engage in soothing activities: It may be a light walk around the block, stretching or enjoying a warm bubble bath, but the point is to find what truly calms you down in order to prepare for quality snooze.

4. Stick to light conversations: Your mind needs to slow down, so avoid conflicts and stimulating topics. Save them for the morning!

5. Keep a journal: This is a great way to clear your mind. Try writing 3 things you are grateful every night, along with your feelings about the day’s successes to inspire a positive mindset for sleep.

6. State your bedtime intentions: What are you hoping to get out of your sleep tonight? Whether it’s a clear mind for the morning, ease achy muscles from a work out or taking a break to let go of a stressful situation, let yourself know why sleep tonight is important.

7. Pray and meditate: Keeping calm and feeling inner peace at night produces higher quality shut-eye as your mind is free to focus on a soothing trip to dreamland.

8. Read or listen to music: Just remember to opt for gentle, calming material. Choosing a thriller to read or listening to a fast-paced jam is just too exciting for sleep.

9.  Love: The feeling of love makes you feel happy and safe, which is exactly what’s needed to truly relax without worry at night. Tuck your children in, call someone to wish them a good night or embrace the joys of cuddling with a partner to inspire gratitude and love.

Adults need 7-9 hours of high quality sleep each night to successful tackle each day in good health with a positive spirit! What’s been helping you sleep better lately?

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