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Are You Sleep-Deprived? Take The Test!

Although sleep is recognized to be just as important as diet and exercise, many of us still aren’t doing it right.

Sleep deprivation is associated with serious health risks including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and early death. When you haven’t slept enough you are also more likely to be irritable, forgetful, and irrational. Not only will you take additional risks, you increase your chances of being involved in a car accident.

Micro-sleep, a temporary episode of sleep in which the brain is inactive for a fraction of a second or up to 10 seconds, is a serious danger to drivers on the road.

To shine light on just how risky the nodding off that micro-sleep causes is, psychologist, professor, author and magician Richard Wiseman participated in a video uploaded to YouTube channel,  In59sceonds, a collection of life changing ideas that are also featured in his book.

You probably think that a half-second doesn’t seem like a whole lot of time. Test your sleep quality by taking the test in the video above to see how dangerous micro-sleep really is.  If you are surprised at your results, try these easy sleep tips to get back on track tonight!

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