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Falling Asleep at Work? Survey Reveals You Aren’t Alone

Falling Asleep At Work? Survey Reveals You Aren' class=

Struggling to stay awake at work? A recent survey reveals that you aren’t alone in your relationship with sleep and work. About one-third of the survey respondents revealed that they were either unhappy or very unhappy with the amount of sleep they got each night or the quality of their sleep.

The new survey was conducted in November 2013 by Vielife and Virgin Pulse, which involved 1, 139 employees from 3 different U.S companies. 76% of employees stated that they felt tired during the week, with 15% admitting that they have fallen asleep at work during the day at least once per week.

So what was holding the study participants back from a great night of sleep?

– 85.2% said their bedroom temperature was the main problem
– 71.9% faulted their bedroom partner as the disruptor
– 68.6% blamed noise
– 52.8% said that their bedrooms were too bright
– 40% admitted that their mattress was uncomfortable
– 35.9% reported that having young children was disrupting their sleep
– 10.2% said that their medical issues were holding them back

The most common problems that kept the participants awake at night included mental activity, stress, physical discomfort, worry, and problems with their bedroom environment.  The top worries and stressors included deadlines at work, family conflicts, worry about oversleeping, and negative events that happened throughout the day.

Another interesting find was that about 80% of the respondents reported waking up at least one time during the night, with more than one-third of the participants waking up at least twice during the night.

Ensuring that you get high-quality sleep is vital to your work day. A lack of sleep leads to a loss of productivity, stumps creative thinking, leads to more mistakes, and makes you approachable to your co-workers. Employers should be encouraged to promote healthy sleep habits in the workplace, leading to happy workers who can devote themselves fully to their task. Do you think you’d be a better employee if your employer encouraged naps?

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