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The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation for Better Sleep

The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation for Better Sleep

While meditation is a common practice, it can be frustrating to know exactly where to start and to stay focused in the beginning. However, you may want to at least try some of the basics, as mediating can help you relax and collect deeper, refreshing sleep.

Mediating all about staying present in the moment and not giving your brain the opportunity to stress about work, bills and other fleeting thoughts that can cause insomnia at night.. Try these easy meditations to relax your mind and body, while boost your snooze that we found on Mind Body Green:

1. Visualization: Completely relax and allow your mind to concentrate one single image, such as a place, your spouse’s face, a color, a cookie, landscape or etc. Concentrate and focus on the details that make that image come to life.

2. Counting: You’ve probably heard this one before, and for good reason. Begin counting backwards from 100, restarting every time you lose count. Remember to stay relaxed and don’t get frustrated when you mess up, it’s a sign that you are getting drowsy.

3. Mantra: Silently repeating a positive or personal mantra can help relief tension and keep your brain from focusing on the day’s stressors. Try beginning with, “I am grateful for…” or take a look at more mantras for better sleep for more inspiration.

4. Alternate Nostril Breathing: As awkward as it sounds, this common form of mediation can easily bring peaceful feelings at time. Simply close your left nostril with your right ring finger, then inhale for four counts (through the right nostril only), hold for two (close right nostril with thumb), and exhale for four (through the left nostril only). Repeat for two to three minutes.

5. Pranayama & Square Breathing:  Pranayama is known as our “life force,” our breath. Let the air drag over the back of your throat to create a low, ocean-like sound on the inhale and exhale. After a little practice, inhale for four counts, hold for two and then exhale for four. Repeat for two to three minutes.

Steal moments for yourself throughout the day and make room for meditation in your bedtime routine. If you are feeling stressed out, worried or uninspired, collecting 7-9 hours of sleep every night can completely change your life around. High-quality snooze is a great asset to our daily lives, boosting our energy, happiness, creativity and health.

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