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Three Easy Fixes for Three Ordinary Sleep Problems with Little Ones

Parents frequently struggle with diagnosing and relieving their young children of common sleep problems. If your toddler is experiencing issues related to rest for an extended period of time you should consult your pediatrician. However, here are a few problems that many children face and how to address them: Sweating – Toddlers experiencing nighttime sweats […]

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Do You Let Your Teenager Sleep In?

A new study has found that letting teenagers sleep in on the weekend may be beneficial for their neurological development. The research was completed at the University of California at Davis, and included monitoring the brain activity of 67 adolescents going through puberty. Brain “pruning,” is a process wherein which the mind undergoes structural changes […]

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Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in Children Linked to Hindered Cognitive Abilities

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, located in Baltimore, Maryland tested 31 children (19 had OSA, 12 did not) to get a grip on just how much Obstructive Sleep Apnea can affect a child’s developing brain. While the occasional halting of breathing may not seem like a cause for concern, it very well […]

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Child Psychiatrists Commonly Prescribe Medication to Help Children Sleep

A survey conducted with over 1,300 members of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry found that an overwhelming number of child psychiatrists prescribe sleeping medication for their patients with insomnia. Insomnia is common in children suffering from various psychiatric disorders, and 96% of those surveyed said that they regularly prescribe or recommend sleeping […]

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