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Is Your Shower Helping You Sleep Better?

Keeping cool is essential when it comes to achieving high-quality sleep. However, maintaining the temperature of your bedroom isn’t the only component of enjoying cooler sleep. It really comes to down taking advantage of your core temperature.

As you prepare for bed, your body temperature naturally drops to help you feel drowsy and enjoy the deep sleep that’s to come. As a consequence, body heat escapes through your skin, which can cause you to feel too warm at bedtime. Some sleep experts recommend sleeping in the nude with only socks as your sleepwear to combat this problem.

Nonetheless, taking a warm shower in the evening instead of right before your bedtime can also help you feel nice and cozy as it boosts the quality of your snooze.  While helping you maintain your body temperature to fall asleep faster, taking a warm or hot shower also relaxes your muscles, reduces swelling and helps you breathe easier.

When do you take your shower? What’s your temperature preference? Recently, Luna Sleep shared an amazing info-graphic that could be just the tool you need to make adjustments to your showering habits for the deeper sleep and refreshing mornings that you deserve. Will you be making any changes?

Source: LUNA

Source: LUNA

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