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Does the Sound of Your Morning Alarm Matter?

The Problem With The Snooze Button

Do you believe that you are affected by the sound of your alarm each morning? That’s the question The Huffington Post sought to answer this past weekend.

Of course, I don’t know too many people, if any, who are thrilled about any type of alarm to their long work day ahead. But I think we can agree that some alarm sounds are more pleasant to deal with than others. Many people believe that a more positive sounding alarm will lead to a more positive day. But, is that true?

According to sleep expert and associate professor at Case Western Reserve University Dr. Michael Decker, there hasn’t been much research regarding the topic.

However, there is one study he suggests that we take note of. In 2003, a small study was conducted regarding the use of dawn-stimulation alarm clocks that gently wake a person by brightening the room slowly as it’s time to get up for the day.  It was discovered that the clocks did produce a physical response, increasing the users “awakening cortisol levels” to prepare them to deal with their upcoming stressors of the day. The findings suggest the type of alarm we use can affect us.

With almost 60% of the population in the U.S between the ages of 16-34 dependent on the obnoxious alarm sounds from their smart phone, Decker says there is a possibly that it may have a negative impact on your morning. He admits to using his smart phone to wake himself up, but suggests his method of using a positive song as an alarm to get off to a great start. What do you use to wake up in the mornings?


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