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Gallery Furniture Sleep Expert Talks Weight and Sleep

The benefits that we get from sleep each night are truly priceless. One factor that is significantly affected by how we sleep is our weight. While some studies are recognizing sleep as a weight loss tool, others are focusing on how poor sleep causes weight gain.

Recently, Gallery Furniture Sleep Expert, Brandon Jackson shared a little bit of his weight loss journey and some quick sleep tips that can help you stay on track with staying healthy.

Brandon’s Tips for Better Sleep:

1. Sleep in a dark, cool environment:  Avoid those electronics at your bedtime. Devices such as iPads, smartphones and TVs all emit blue light that will keep you awake longer, and their electric current will diminish your sleep quality.

2. When eating before bedtime, keep it healthy: Stay away from foods that are too spicy, loaded with sugar and you know leads to acid reflux and indigestion.  For some healthy snack options, click here!

3. Portion control and exercise: Remember to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week. Cut out those snacks that you body doesn’t need to limit the amount of food that your digestive system has to take in. Studies suggest that those who exercise sleep better.

While applying these tips may not solve all of your problems, it’s a great place to start improving your relationship with sleep. For more information on how sleep impacts your weight, click here!


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