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Study: Where Should You Get Your Sleep Apnea Treated

Study: Where Should You Get Your Sleep Apnea Treated

When it comes to getting obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) treated, a new study suggests where someone receives care does matter. Study results showed that patients who opted to get treated by a sleep specialist and accredited sleep centers are twice as likely to stick to their positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy treatment, compared to those who receive care from non-certified physicians and non-accredited centers.

502 patients with OSA were analyzed at four sleep centers over the course of the study. Each participant received an overnight polysomnography and questionnaires. Their commitment to properly using PAP therapy was measured three months after the treatment was initiated.

The patients reported more satisfaction with their physicians who were accredited and found the timeliness of care better at accredited centers.

OSA treatment does require a strong commitment to stick to it. Just remember all of the benefits that sleep brings and be patient. We believe you in your sleep success!

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