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UP Coffee To Bring Your Insomnia Down


Source: Jawbone

Let’s be honest, many of us can’t get through a day without our daily caffeine fix. However, just like many things in life, too much of a good thing can lead to a problem, which is where Jawbone is stepping in with its new free app, UP Coffee.

This beautifully designed app is ready to be your personal assistant, helping you track your caffeine consumption and understand how your daily intake is affecting your sleep. After entering your age, height and weight, you simply log every caffeinated beverage and snack you consume throughout the day. The app was made with Jawbone’s Up and Up24 fitness band users in mind, but a fitness band isn’t necessary.

While sleep experts recommend that you should cut off caffeine consumption in the afternoon, UP Coffee will allow you to see when your personal cut off time should be, as it as it predicts what time you’ll be ready for sleep throughout the day. It will let you know how wired you are with indications like “OK”, “Edgy,” and “Sleep Ready.”

It also tracks your sleep patterns based off information that you manually enter when you wake up each morning.  After 10 days of entering caffeine consumption and sleep times, the app will reveal how much sleep you are losing for each 100mg of your caffeine consumption.

If you are a person who loves visual support to be able to monitor your daily habits, the UP Coffee could be the app to try. The goal is to find out exactly how caffeine is affecting your nightly rest. We’d love to hear how this app works for you on your journey to the perfect night of sleep.

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