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Sleep-deprivation in Children can lead to hyperactivity and behavior problems

Sleep Deprivation in Children Can Lead to Hyperactivity and Behavior Problems

Tanya Byron, a leading psychologist, TV broadcaster, and British Government advisor on children, recently wrote in the UK’s Radio Times; “a profound lack of sleep” is to blame for behavioral problems amongst children. It may frequently seem as though younger generations are bigger troublemakers, or misbehave more frequently. While it may or may not necessarily […]

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Kids watching tv a lot can lead to trouble sleeping

Unhealthy Media Exposure Can Pose Sleep Troubles For Preschool Children

Researchers from Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development in Seattle, Washington found that by swapping out violent TV shows, and video games with educational material showed a reduction in sleep problems. While many have long-since thought that exposing young children to violent broadcasts could have a negative impact on them, this study shows an […]

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