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What’s Keeping the World from Quality Sleep?

In honor of World Sleep Day, research firm KJT Group and Philips Respironics teamed up to find out exactly what’s interfering with the world’s snooze. To properly gain insight to common sleep disturbances, a total of 7,817 people across 10 countries answered questions regarding their daily routines, sleep environment, sleep times, wake times and how they thought they were doing balancing their careers and personal lives. Their data was recently released in a report titled, “Sleep: A Global Perspective.

Although 96% of the participants said that felt that sleep was important to them, 57% admitted that their sleep could be better and that they hadn’t taken the steps to improve their snooze.

The countries that worried about their work lives the most included South Korea, Brazil and China, with Brazil also topping the list as the country that worries the most about finances closely followed by the participants from the United States.

Check out more the study results in the infographic below:

What’s Keeping the World from Quality Sleep?

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