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Fall Asleep Faster Without Trying Every Night!

If you’ve been trying to fall asleep without success you may want to try a new trick, attempting to stay awake. University of Hertfortshire psychologist and author Richard Wiseman and his fantastic YouTube series “In59seconds,” are back to help you maximize your designated bedtime. In his new video, “How to Fall Asleep,” he says not trying to fall asleep is a great way to actually doze off.

As highlighted by Wiseman in the YouTube video above, a 2003 study conducted by researchers at the University of Glasgow included 34 insomniacs that were placed into one of two groups. One group was allowed to sleep as they normally did, as the other group attempted to stay awake for as long as possible in bed with their eyes open, and without getting up, moving around, using a computer or watching TV.

After the 2 week study period, the research team found that the insomniacs who had taken the “not trying” approach, which is also called paradoxical intention, were able to fall asleep much faster, compared to the group who carried out their regular bedtime habits.

While anyone suffering from insomnia should speak with a licensed physician or sleep specialist as soon as possible to reduce health risks, there is no harm the next time you find that sleep isn’t coming as fast as you’d like, relax and remember that trying to stay awake is actually quite exhausting! Try this natural sleep strategy to send you to dreamland tonight!

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